Our Services

  • Preparation/ taxation / or negotiation of Party & Party and Solicitor and Own Client bills of costs
  • Preparation of Objections or written Submissions as required or directed by the Taxing Master
  • Verbal and written Advices to Clients relating to costs issues and Orders
  • Oppositions by way of taxation or negotiation
  • Summary bills of costs
  • Security for Costs Estimates
  • Practice Valuations
  • Arbitration Services in respect of Legal Costs
  • Tribunal Costs
  • Individuals

We attend Taxations and Arbitrations in relation to legal costs countrywide. 

We will aim to prepare a detailed bill of costs in taxation format within two weeks of being furnished with your entire file to include correspondence, briefing documentation, expert reports, outlay vouchers, Counsels’ fee notes, Orders etc.