To be a bird …

A beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs of Carvoiero

To be a bird.   Imagine the feeling of spreading your arms wide and jumping into the air then soaring with the wind beneath your wings, the wind in your hair, gliding through life.  

Imagine what the world would feel like from an unlimited aerial perspective; able to fly anywhere, free, exploring the world without restriction.  

The air … fresh …; the sky … clear …; opportunities … unlimited …

Yes, I want to be a bird.  My feelings of being free spans decades to when I was a child.  I remember writing a story about being a bird while sitting at my dads office when I was a child.  Also, my favorite tv American here was non-other than Ralph Winkler, The Greatest American hero … who demonstrated that humans flying is a comical challenge …

The Greatest American Hero – First Flight

“Believe it our not it’s just me.”  watch



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Not too shabby for a few hours of “work” .

Not too shabby for a few hours of “work” … 🇺🇸🇵🇹♠️♥️

So, like I mentioned, I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  I spent 30 years growing up with Lady Luck and I learned a few tricks or two at the casinos.  My favorite place to play in Las Vegas was at the Red Rock Casino Poker Room.  I perfected my game there, met a lot of wonderful people, and took home quite a bit of money (and lost quite a bit too … haha).

I was also fortunate to travel to Macau (a former Portuguese colony) and get my start as an international poker player.  It makes for a very interesting game when everyone is speaking different languages.  But, Pauly G knows how to speak poker!  Haha.

A fascinating observation between casinos is the glitz and glam was not there.  In Portugal, the gentleman floor managers and dealers dressed in suits with bow ties and the cocktail waitresses were naturally beautiful.  The casino was an actual hangout.  In Macau, the casinos I visited were replicas of the casinos in Las Vegas.  The management and standards are the same as vegas (glitz and glam).

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Amigos, uma bica, sumo laranja, e um pastel de nata

First things first, meu português é muito pouco. Estou aprendendo a falar português, todos os dias e tenho aprendido durante oito meses … but I need to learn more!  So forgive me if my grammar and spelling is off … 😉

Anyway, when I arrived to Portugal on February 24th, I just showed up.  I did not know anyone.  I am on a mission to build new communities around me and it started when I met Felipa Soledade, 7 Seas Travel and Transfer.   I found Felipa on Facebook as I was preparing for my arrival to Portugal.  After arriving in Portugal and, after a slight delay due to still traveling luggage,  I walked out of customs and found Felipa with a placard with my name on it.  Felipa became my first friend in Portugal who I am still friends with today.

Back to the pastel de nata.  Like I mentioned above, I had a slight delay upon my arrival to Portugal; two of my bags decided to continue exploring on their own without me.  I was having difficulty speaking with anyone over the telephone so I asked Filipa to take me back to the airport so I could try and find my luggage.  Still, no answers and my bags were still on their own journey.  Filipa sensed my frustration and turned my day around.  We stopped at a pasteleria and she introduced me to the Pastel de Nata.  This began my journey into Portuguese pastries …

The Pastel de Nata is a Portuguese egg custard sweet created by Catholic monks in Lisbon in the 18th century.  Try one dusted in canela ou com fruita.  E muito bom!

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Bem vinda ao mundo de Pauly G / Welcome to Pauly G’s World

Pauly G’s World – Just a little place that I created for myself to document my experiences in life.

In October 2017, I made a choice to change my life.  I needed an adventure and, I needed it fast, and that’s when I found Portugal.  In January 2018, I quite my old life and on February 24, 2018, I arrived in Portugal on the start of a new journey.

I am Paul, a World Citizen aka “the brown guy from the states.”  I was born in Hammond Indiana, USA (near Gary, IN where the Jackson 5 grew up); traveled from the east coast to west coast (long drive) while growing up in the military (being 5 years old in 1978 was pretty cool – I also lived on an island!); spent many of my formative years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (teenage shenanigans), then lived an entirely full life in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Success!).

I have a fantastic story accomplishing the American Dream as a young American with descendants from places I am quite not sure of yet.  My family lineage comes from the American southwest, New Mexico region (remember the story of the European colonialists mixing with the mexicans).  I am on an adventure to challenge myself, learn new cultures, and figure out a different way of life.  You’re invited to come along.   If you do, I hope you enjoy the ride!

The first stop on my journey is Carvoiero, Faro, Portugal.  Why?  I read a news article … Welcome to Carvoiero!

~ Pauly G

Welcome to Carvoeiro – a magical place in the World
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